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Optical voltage transformer works and features

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Optical voltage transformer is the use of electronics, optoelectronics, fiber optic sensing technology and digital signal processing, modern high-tech means to study the success of an optical, mechanical, electrical integration of equipment, the conventional electromagnetic induction-type voltage transformer replacements. Optical voltage transformer is widely used in relay protection, system monitoring, power system analysis. Optical voltage transformer and the conventional electromagnetic voltage transformer, it has the following advantages:
(1) No insulation oil, there will be no safety hazard;
(2) There is no magnetic saturation;
(3) non-core, so there is no ferromagnetic resonance and hysteresis;
(4) measurement can achieve very high bandwidth and accuracy;
(5) small size, light weight, low cost.
Optical voltage transformer is divided into two kinds of passive and active types. Passive voltage transformer to use magneto-optical Faraday effect devices based, active-type voltage transformer is not used in high-pressure part of the special features of fiber and other optical components.
Optical voltage transformer of the sensing head mounted on the high potential side, and is entirely constituted by the electronic circuit, and therefore must have the appropriate power supply to the sensor head of the electronic circuit. System block diagram shown in Figure 1, the laser, photoelectric converter and DC-DC converter power supply form part of the system, which, in the low potential side of the laser light energy will pass through the optical fiber to the sensor head portion of the photoelectric conversion device, the photoelectric converter output through two DC-DC converter, the resulting two sets of 5V and ± 12V power output available to the class after the electronic circuits.

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